Dear Bosses 5 (a letter from your employees) Shock!

This is the fifth and final email on the Dear Bosses series, have a quick read…

And remember why I’m sending these to you…

In bite sized bits I’ve delivered excerpts from a letter that many employees would like to write to their bosses but don’t…

This may or may not apply to you, it may even shock you … well in most cases ALL will not apply to all, HOWEVER I bet SOME of what you’ll read over the blogs WILL apply to you, it’ll resonate right to your very core… and that’s what I want it to do.

I want it to move you, I want you to squirm a little bit (or a lot!) when reading the comments and sentiments, because quite frankly we can ALL be better at getting the best from our teams – after all, it’s them who are part of our key to success…


Dear Bosses

We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher.

Sure, you get the biggest paycheck and the snazzy title, but that’s not what makes you a leader.

What makes you a leader is that you behave in a way that deserves a following. You have a

vision, for crissakes, and some steps we can take to get there. You say what you mean,

and you do what you say. And you always, always set the highest example.

We know it’s a tall order, but we wouldn’t have joined up with you if we didn’t believe you

could do it.

Talk to the other leaders

It’s sort of obvious, but it’s pretty hard to do good work when all our bosses are telling us

different things.

Know what you want before you hire

Because it’s hard for us to be successful if you’ve only got a vague idea of what success means.

And it’s impossible to be successful if we’re not right for the job.

Get regular feedback

You want to get better at being our boss, right? We can help you with that.

What makes you a leader is that you behave

in a way that deserves a following.

You say what you mean, and you do what you say.

So that’s it. That’s all we’ve got.

We really hope it helps.

Better late than never, right?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and frustrations about being a modern boss or staff member… Just comment below.

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