“Have You Thought About…”

Have u thought about?

There’s often a big divide between people who need to be helped and the people are ready to be helped. Which one r u?

Have U thought about?

How to calculate GST content of a GST (15%) inclusive amount, multiply the GST inclusive figure by 3, divide by 23.

Have u thought about?

Sitting in your salon reception as a client and looking at what they look at, are changes needed – decor? cleanliness?

Have u thought about?

Making better use of your business card, is your back blank? fill it up with useful info or your point of difference!

Have you thought about?

What goals you are setting for the year to make it your best year yet? Go On Pick 5 BHAGS (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) ans get to it.

Have you thought about?

Creating a marketing plan for the year that is based on what you want to achieve in your business for the next year? PM me 4 help

Have you thought about?

Checking your financials more often than once a year after your accountant has done your books? Weekly? Fortnightly?

Have you thought about?

It takes repeating a task or action at least 21 times before it becomes a habit! Good & Bad

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