24 June 2016
MG Article

See your salon through new eyes

See your salon through new eyes There are times when we just need to see our salon through a new set of eyes – as salon […]
24 November 2015

Five Really Common Reasons Your Salon Clients Seek Out Your Competition

Keeping Your Salon Clients…Your Salon Clients… I was taking with a client the other day and she asked me about client retention… Well, her actual question […]
8 July 2015
5 hotprinciplesofPlanning

The 5 Hot Principles of Successful Planning

Many salon owners don’t plan and those that do seem to most often not follow their plan or typically forget they even have a plan altogether. […]
26 June 2015
Hair or Beauty Salon culture

What’s your Hair or Beauty Salon Culture saying about you and your team?

I’ve been talking with many clients lately about their Hair Salon or Beauty Clinic culture, and there may well be some confusion over what Salon Culture […]