Management Focus

18 July 2021

Numbers Suck!

Numbers suck Malcolm! This article is to help take the mystery out of the numbers dilemma for you and hopefully get you to see numbers can be fun, if you struggle to know how and which numbers are important to a successful business and want numbers to be fun, then read on my friend…
28 June 2021

The Bristol Freighter and the Salon

Today as I sit down to write this piece my thoughts go to what am I going to say that will make a difference to hopefully a lot of salon owners – what secret gem can I share that will help move them from where they are to where they want to be? So what am I going to share with you in a short article that could make a huge difference for your business and my thoughts go to the similarities of an old aeroplane and a salon... read more
18 June 2021
Creating a Vision for Success

If you don’t know where you are going, who knows, you may already be there

If you don’t know where you are going, who knows, you may already be there This article is all about creating a vision for success. Can […]
14 September 2020

The Ugly Truth

The ugly truth about why most salon owners aren't getting ahead in their salons!
19 April 2020
Cash Flow Forecast Mini Course

Cashflow Forecast

Cash Flow Forecast Cash Flow Forecast: As the name suggests, creating a cash flow forecast simply involves forecasting how much money will be coming into the […]
13 March 2020
Covid-19 Business Preparation

Covid-19 Business Preparation

We’re seeing a lot of statistics about how the corona virus affects people’s health and we need to acknowledge the possibility that it may also affect your business. I’ve written this article to help salon owners on what you can do to mitigate the risk Covid-19 has on your business.
17 March 2017
Struggling a bit lately?

Struggling a bit lately? Listen to this…

If you’ve been struggling a bit lately have a listen to this… In this quick video (3.5 mins), I’m offering you the opportunity to spend 30 […]
28 February 2017

Don’t let excuses get the better of you!

Don’t let excuses get the better of you! How many times a day do you think “man, I really need to getaway from everything” then let […]
24 November 2015

Five Really Common Reasons Your Salon Clients Seek Out Your Competition

Keeping Your Salon Clients…Your Salon Clients… I was taking with a client the other day and she asked me about client retention… Well, her actual question […]
8 July 2015

The 5 Hot Principles of Successful Planning

Many salon owners don’t plan and those that do seem to most often not follow their plan or typically forget they even have a plan altogether. […]
26 June 2015

What’s your Hair or Beauty Salon Culture saying about you and your team?

I’ve been talking with many clients lately about their Hair Salon or Beauty Clinic culture, and there may well be some confusion over what Salon Culture […]
21 May 2015

Work less, stress less, do more

“How did you get to where you are?” you ask successful people. “Hard work, determination, and luck,” is what they usually answer. For some reason we […]